Live is an American band, originally from York Pennsylvania. The members are Chad Taylor (guitar), Ed Kowalczyk (vocals and guitar), Chad Gracey (drums) and Patrick Dahlheimer (bass).

The band first came together in about 1985 when Taylor, Gracey and Dahlheimer all attended the same school. The three originally started the band named Band Aid and later with the addition of a singer, Kowalczyk, the band name was changed to Public Affection. In 1989 the band now known as Public Affection released their first album titled Death of a Dictionary.

In 1990 the band signed a record deal with Radioactive Records. After signing with the label the band once again decided to change it’s name this time to Live. With the new name, Live entered the record studios and created their first album titled Mental Jewelry. It was released in 1991 and their first hit was Operation Spirit.

After a few years of writing and composing Live released their 2nd album, in 1994, titled Throwing Copper. Live experienced huge success with this album which contained a number of hit songs such as Selling the Drama, I Alone and Lightning Crashes.

Secret Samadhi is their 3rd Album released in 1997. This album did not receive as much success as Throwing Copper; however it did contain a couple of hits with Lakini’s Juice and Turn my Head.

Still with Radioactive Live then recorded their 4th album titled The Distance to Here, released in 1999. This album features the singles, The Dolphins Cry, Run to the Water and They Stood up for Love.

In 2001, Live released their 5th album V (Five). The first single released was Simple Creed. The band also released the single Overcome, which was dedicated to the rescue workers, victims and families affected by world trade center disaster in New York. Overcome was widely accepted and received many requests for this song to be played on the radio.

Birds of Pray, their 6th studio album was released in 2003. With hits like Heaven which was Live's most successful single in past few years. Other singles were Run Away and Sweet Release

Live released Awake: The Best of in 2004. This is their 7th album and contains all the favorites from all previous albums and also included a b-side (We Deal in Dreams) and a cover of Johnny Cash’s I Walk the Line. The CD was released with an accompanying DVD which included a most of their promo videos as well as an in-depth interview with Ed.

With a new record Label, Epic, Live recorded their 8th album, Songs from Black Mountain. Released in 2006, their first single was titled The River and was followed up with Mystery. Songs from Black Mountain is very different to previous albums and there was much discussion between fans about loving it or hating it, but you will need to make up your own mind.

Update: In 2009 Live announced a 2 year hiatus, Since that time many things have changed and the original Live are no longer as one. Three original membrs of Live Chad, Chad and Patrick joined with Kevin Martin and Sean Hennesy (Both of Candlebox) to form a new band "The Gracious Few" (TGF). The (former) lead singer Ed has gone on to create a solo career and has release a number of solo albums.

In 2012 Chad, Chad and Patrick joined with a new lead singer Chris Shinn to re establish Live . LIVE with Shinn as lead singer created a album titled 'The Turn' and continued to travel world wide on tour.

Most Recently in late 2016 the most amazing news was announced that Ed Kowalczyk the original lead singer and Chad, Chad and Pat had reconciled and the original four band member's were once again the band we all love 'LIVE'. In more exciting news the lads have begun touring worldwide and there is exciting news of a NEW studio album in the pipelines

Lets pray for many more years of LIVE and awesome music, albums and tours